We Believe in Basketball

We love the game. We love the effort, the talent, the practice and the fine-tuning of skills that it takes to be a great basketball player. And we’re committed to making clothes that fit, look and feel great on and off the court.

Most of all, we admire and respect the talented three-point shooters out there and want to give you a way to let the world know who you are. To make a statement.

The three-point shot revolutionized the game of basketball. Now it’s time to acknowledge all three-point shooters, no matter who you are. No matter your height, sex or age. You’re a Threepoint Threat. Now you can wear your threat threads and get the respect you deserve! Now you can REP IT!

We Also Believe in Making It Count

Make it count...not just by the shots you take on the court. But by what you do with your life. What you say. How you treat others. How you give back.

Our concept of a "Threepoint Life" is to remember three key concepts: Spirituality, Family, and Work Ethic. Commit to them and you’re unstoppable. And just as a three-point shot can change the game, you can make all the difference for someone or something in your life.

Be that person.

Do the right thing. Play hard, work hard, and make every action count. We know you do that on the court...take that with you everywhere you go.

Believe In Yourself: